Thursday, May 28, 2009

World Cup!

(This post is courtesy of Garry vice Alicia)

Yesterday was the Pee-Wee Soccer World Cup for Emma and Macey. Basically, the kids are divided into a 5 vs 5 soccer scrimmage that resembles organized chaos. After dividing up into teams (Emma and Macey were both on the red team), Emma called the red team together for a team cheer. The soccer scrimmage was pretty rough. For most of the game, the 5 vs 5 turned into 2 vs 2 as most of the Pee-Wees spent more time clinging to their parents, picking grass and flowers (that would be Macey), and asking for drinks.

Last year, Emma was pretty intimidated by some of the older/faster kids and got frustrated that other kids would steal the ball from her. But yesterday, Emma did a pretty good job of playing, competing, and scored a bunch of goals. I'm not sure what was more fun for me, watching Emma score the goals or laughing at the celebratory dance that she would do after each goal. Emma is a lefty and does have a pretty strong left foot. One of the other parents commented that she'd make a good striker. Maybe she can get a soccer scholarship to BYU??Now we just need to get her to work on developing her right leg, passing, & dribbling skills.

Maybe next season Macey won't feel as intimidated by the older kids--but she improved throughout the season and enjoyed the snack and drinks after each practice.


Sylvia said...

So this age it is ALL about the after game snacks.

Sarah said...

I remember when I had Caleb in that soccer group. He loved the world cup! It's fun to find things for them to do when they are little. Ainsley's needs more stuff to do, the girl makes me crazy! You guys are cute as ever!

The GruCru said...

Scott said Emma had some pretty mad soccer skills. Eddie told me on Wednesday afternoon, he didn't want to play-he just wanted the snacks.