Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amazing Emma!

Yesterday we went to Target and I put Emma in charge of the cart. While she sat in the cart, kickin' it with her soda and popcorn (the lovely $1.50 combo at Target we love so much) I told her it was her job to find a place for this, hold onto that, make room for this.

She took her job seriously and did well. But her true perfection came as we were leaving the store.

"Mom", she said, "She didn't give us our hangers."

Holy toledo. She was right. The nice Target lady had forgotten to hand us one of our bags. I backtracked to the register, asked about the missing bag, and hooray! got my bag with hangers and Bounce dryer sheets. It would have been a sad day, indeed, to go home without new hangers and dryer sheets.

Hooray, Emma! Clearly all those games of Memory have paid off. Now if only I can get you to stop cheating at Memory. . .

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