Thursday, May 7, 2009


It may seem strange that the week before Mother's Day I have been thinking a lot about Fatherhood.

It all started when I read a Newsweek "My Turn" article entitled "Slouching Toward Fatherhood." In this article he describes his depression after his son is born:

When a child was added to my life, it was as if something enormous and coveted was subtracted in return, and the transaction left me reeling, like someone who'd just gambled away his soul.

Ouch. The rest of the article can be viewed at

At the same time I was reading a book entitled "Mommies Behaving Badly" where the husband/father feels so overwhelmed that he has an affair. In the book he describes his desire to return back to the cocoon of peace and quiet that he and his wife had shared before they had three kids.

So I began to think, "Wow! Do all men think like this?"

I thought about it for awhile and finally asked Garry if he ever thought about those single and QUIET days. He told me that it was the opposite -- that these were the days he had always wanted and he was worried that in just a few short years it was all going to be over.

He's right. Right now is a lot of work. And the house can get loud. And things can get stressful. But at the same time right now our kids think that we are the greatest things around. They are not embarrassed by us yet and actually want to spend time with us, as much as we will give them.

When Emma is sitting with her primary class and I wave at her -- she waves back! How long will she do that for? When I pick Macey up from preschool she yells "Hi Mommy!" And she tells all her little friends "That's my mommy!" How long will she do that for? When I leave a room without hugging and loving on little Molly, she cries. How long before she just does not want to be hugged and loved on?

Garry is right; these times are really crazy and busy but it is fun being the coolest person around (while it lasts).


Kiersten said...

Too true...we better enjoy it while it lasts.

The GruCru said...

I'm at a near panic that my baby girl is more adult than child everyday and they other too aren't far behind.

I'm a little crazy for about a month after giving birth. Some of it is hormones, pain, and lack or sleep. However, what gets me the most is being responsible for another human being and loving that new person so much that I want to give them my best. It stresses me out.

I also love that my entire famiy lives under the same roof. We've been trying for years to get Scott's side together and it's been YEARS (maybe 6). My side hasn't been all together for 2 years.