Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Only Requirement: Stuffed Animal

Molly is an interesting sleeper.  Every night Garry goes through the charade of reading a book to Molly and tucking her in, just to have to jump right back out of bed and then continue to do whatever she wants.  Often she plays in her room.  In the morning it will look like a tornado hit.  When she is done playing, she will crawl back into bed and tuck herself in.  

For a few days, though, she altered from this course and snuck downstairs -- a complete no, no -- and we found her asleep on the stairs.  How she did this, or why, we will never understand.  It looks like the only thing she needed was a stuffed animal.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Happy Easter!  I love Easter.  I just love everything about it.  I love the candy and getting the girls matching dresses and the talks at church.  Love, love Easter.

This year the Easter bunny did not disappoint in bringing fun items for the kids: trucks and a ball for Braden, Barbies for Molly, some books for Macey and some art supplies for Emma.

This year was a little different because Garry had early morning meetings for church but did not want to miss the "big reveal".  So Emma wrote a note to the Easter Bunny asking him to come while we were at church.  The Easter bunny was happy to comply.

Even our dog Max was remembered by the Easter bunny: some bones and a new stuffed animal.


This year for Easter/Spring Break, we tried a stay-cation.  Not because we really wanted to, in fact, I really wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, but mostly because our schedule and budget dictated that it needed to be.  One day we will have to figure out someplace to go to that it warm, cheap and somewhat nearby and just make that our go-to place for any long weekend.

While we were stay-cationing, we took the kids mini-golfing.  Emma is starting to get the concept down, but the younger girls just like to hit and hit and hit and hope something happens.  Braden, however, has great form.

Friday, June 7, 2013


How fun was it this year to celebrate Braden's birthday!  Bring on the boy toys -- bikes, balls, Batman!  Oh my!  

In so many way, Braden has been two for a long time (in regard to his temper tantrums) and so turning two was merely a formality.  Unfortunately, a week before his birthday I took him to get a hair cut and let the lady cut it way, way too short.  He got his "summer" cut in March.  I felt horrible.

Braden loves dogs, bikes, Bubble Guppies and leaving his pajamas on for as long as he can!  He is a little pouty -- we call him "Sir Cries A Lot" -- but I think that when he is able to communicate, a lot of the frustrated screams will subside.  At least, here's hoping!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Macey Turns Seven!

One of the things I forgot to blog about in my long blog absence was Macey's birthday.

I talk with neighborhood friends about parents who have "favorites" and we all agree that it is wrong and hurtful to single out a "favorite" child.  But we also agree that there are kids we understand better.  For me, that is Macey.  I understand her a little more than the other kids.  Emma and Garry have always been such close buddies -- I just felt when I had Macey that I finally had a buddy, too.

And what a buddy!  She is so smart and kind and beautiful.  Her teachers love her and she has a lot of friends.  She is so smart that everything comes really easily for her.  I worry that this may be a great harm to her later in life.  When things get tough, she seems to give up easily.  There have been tears in Chinese class and many many tears on the piano bench.  I hope that she will find the strength to never, ever quit trying for the things that are worth pursuing for then she will truly be great.

I love you, Macey!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spelling Bee!

One of the most stressful things we did this year was the Spelling Bee!  Macey is a gifted reader and speller.  She has no problem tackling big words and remembering how to spell them.  We were confident that she would do well in her class spelling bee.  In fact, we would have been shocked if she had not won.

But, Emma.  Emma is really smart but she has to work a lot harder than Macey.  She did not win the spelling bee in her class the year before, and we thought the other kids might win again.  But we practiced and practiced.  We played games where they got pennies for every word right or M&Ms.  I liked the M&Ms one because I could sneak a couple as well.

Macey's spelling bee was first.  And she won.  That put so much more pressure on Emma.  Smart little sisters just stink.  So imagine how excited (and relieved!) we were when Emma actually won!  Her teacher knew how much she wanted to win and how hard she had studied and so she actually sent us an email during her lunch break.

Class spelling bees were over. . .time to tackle the school!  The girls did well!  They made it to the third round where kids started dropping like flies.  We know a little more now on how to prepare them and have great hopes for next year as well!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trying Something New!

This year Emma tried something new: indoor soccer!  It was great for her to get some exercise in the winter.  Especially this winter when the cold did not let up until, well, May?  She was on two different teams and was able to get a lot of play time.  Her main team, coached by a neighbor, always seemed to play kids that were two to three years older.  They got creamed.  But their coach seemed to think that it would make them a better team. . .eventually.  I had my doubts.  Something happens to you when you lose and lose and lose.  You forget that winning was ever an option.

Which is why it was good Emma was on a second team because they played younger kids and Emma remembered that she knew how to score!  It was good for her confidence.

Indoor soccer in gaining in popularity here because two new facilities opened up in the area.  One is massive, near the Interstate, and the other is smaller, located in Riverton.  I believe that these facilities will help indoor soccer gain in popularity, more kids will sign up, and the leagues will be formed so they can play kids their own age.  Hopefully it will not be so lopsided in the years to come.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Year That. . .Wasn't

I remember when I used to blog daily.  In fact, I would keep a running list of blog topics on my head to prevent me from blogging more than once a day but also help me on the days when I could not think of anything to write.

What happened?

I guess Facebook happened.  I do not check friend's blogs as much anymore because they do not update them either.  If it has happened and is important, it's probably on Facebook.  Granted, with only a small blurb.  But still.

This year has been busy.  I taught two classes at Neumont University this winter, and I am still working a little for a law firm and writing for a local paper here in Salt Lake City.  When you write for money, it is hard to justify taking a few minutes to write for yourself.

We have also been very busy with soccer.  It's a Monday through Thursday commitment and sometimes an all-day Saturday show.  Emma is doing very well and should make her premiere team next season.  Molly is just fun to watch.  She's the smallest one on the field but still scoring 4-8 goals a game.  Macey scored a goal this year but still seems to be intimidated by the game.  But she loves being part of a team.

So this has been the year that wasn't. . .according to my blog.  But in real life, we have been busy and happy, and that is what counts!