Friday, June 7, 2013


How fun was it this year to celebrate Braden's birthday!  Bring on the boy toys -- bikes, balls, Batman!  Oh my!  

In so many way, Braden has been two for a long time (in regard to his temper tantrums) and so turning two was merely a formality.  Unfortunately, a week before his birthday I took him to get a hair cut and let the lady cut it way, way too short.  He got his "summer" cut in March.  I felt horrible.

Braden loves dogs, bikes, Bubble Guppies and leaving his pajamas on for as long as he can!  He is a little pouty -- we call him "Sir Cries A Lot" -- but I think that when he is able to communicate, a lot of the frustrated screams will subside.  At least, here's hoping!

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