Friday, December 13, 2013

Runaway Dog

We have the cutest dog.  Truly, he is cute and lovely.  And the kids love him.  And he shows his love for them by allowing them to hug him 100 times a day.

Molly decided to show her love this Christmas season by giving Max a present.  Especially for him.  She even wrapped it.  What is it?

Toilet paper.  Molly is giving him toilet paper.

Can a dog run away from home in disgust and disappointment?  Because if they can, I think that our dog might try on Christmas morning.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't You Realize?

My job search has been somewhat successful -- but without any real success.  In other words, I have had three companies express interest in learning more about the product we would like them to sell while we remain independent contractors but am far, far away from any money coming in.  I have two meetings next week and one in January.

I have to say, the people I have solicited on the phone have been very, very nice.  One is even taking us to lunch to learn more about our products.  Don't they realize that they should be annoyed with me? I'm calling them, unsolicited, on the phone.  They should be hanging up on me.  Not trying to feed me.

I hope one day I will be in a situation where I can mentor and help and be as kind as people have been to me.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Decision, Good Decision

To replace my old work-from-home job that has ended, I have started reaching out to other companies that might want to sell our business plan/financial forecast modeling products.

I made a list and a goal to talk to one person a day.  Garry did not like that plan.  He thought -- why not get them over all at once?

It's because rejection is not my thing.  When one person rejects me, I am done for the day.  If I was to be rejected multiple times in one day, I would go into a phone call defeated and sad instead of hopeful and optimistic.  I would get rejected and agree with their decision.  "I understand", I would say.  "Good decision, good decision." (Notting Hill anyone?)

The good news is that I found a contact at a huge company that wants to meet with me in January.  It could mean great things for us.  Hoping for the best.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

You Gotta Earn That Pie!

For the last three years, I have participated in a Thanksgiving 5K.  It is called "The Human Race" which supports the Utah Food Bank.  I hate the name.  It sounds a little bit like Seinfeld's "The Human Fund", but what can you do?

This year I ran with my Mom, my sister, my brother-in-law, my nieces, my nephew and my EMMA!  We have been running together for awhile now, and so I knew that she could do it, but I thought that we would have to walk a little.  But she did great!  We ran the whole way!  I think our time was around 33 minutes, so we did about 11 minute miles.

She is already planning on running again next year!  I told her this was our thing.  She does soccer with her dad.  She can run with me. 

A Friend Party!

Molly turned five.  I promised her that she could have a friend party when she turned five.  That is such an easy promise to make in the glory of spring when her birthday was months and months away.  But then her birthday came. . . Yes, I remember, I promised. . .Ugh!

We had ten little friends come over.  We had a fish theme because boys and girls were invited, and I wanted to send each kid home with a goldfish.  But Garry talked me out of the idea.  I still think it would have been AWESOME!

Garry did most of the work.  After coaching little, little kids for so long, he knows how to corral them and talk to them.  I seem to only know how to yell at them.

Two hours later, we all survived and so did the house!  Molly had a wonderful time! Success!

The Papercut

On Tuesday Molly got a papercut.   Oh, how she howled!  This little cut was the worst thing ever.  She did not want to go to dance class.  She did not want to go play with a friend.  Her life was just shutting down because of this papercut.

And while I was frustrated with her, it was a good lesson to me.  I have had a rough month.  A job that has been a good source of revenue for me has ended.  We (my sister and I) did such a great job that the company we have been working for brought someone in-house to do our job, full-time, and we have been moved along.

It's been upsetting, trying to figure out what to do without that job and without that income.  I just want to shut down.  But I have to realize that in the big scheme of things, this is just a little papercut.  It hurts right now.  I wish it had not happened.  But, I cannot let it keep me from the good things that are happening around me.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Is There Anything Better Than Pet Day?

About ten seconds after we got Max, Emma started making plans to take him to pet day at school.  She was so excited to show him off at school -- especially to friends who did not believe that she got a puppy from Santa.

But there was a problem. . .Max hates the car and always gets very sick.  Getting him into the car is a chore, and usually by the time we get him anywhere he is covered in drool and vomit.

Attractive picture, I know. 

I was not sure how impressed Emma's friends would be with a smelly, yucky, sick dog.

But it was important to Emma, so we made the drive.  He did great!  And he was the cutest pet there, of course.

A successful pet day!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Could Watch This All Day. . .

I could watch Braden eat all day.  Especially desserts.  Face down, fully committed, he dives into each and every frosting covered item with gusto.

After so many girls, it is interesting to have Braden.  He likes to eat.  It's not a chore for him.  There are no threats, no begging, no bribery for just taking one more bite.  He eats.  And he's usually satisfied by whatever we place in front of him.

Boys are awesome!