Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Decision, Good Decision

To replace my old work-from-home job that has ended, I have started reaching out to other companies that might want to sell our business plan/financial forecast modeling products.

I made a list and a goal to talk to one person a day.  Garry did not like that plan.  He thought -- why not get them over all at once?

It's because rejection is not my thing.  When one person rejects me, I am done for the day.  If I was to be rejected multiple times in one day, I would go into a phone call defeated and sad instead of hopeful and optimistic.  I would get rejected and agree with their decision.  "I understand", I would say.  "Good decision, good decision." (Notting Hill anyone?)

The good news is that I found a contact at a huge company that wants to meet with me in January.  It could mean great things for us.  Hoping for the best.

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Garry Cunningham said...

Alicia, you have such a way of expressing yourself that makes me laugh. I have been horrible at adding comments, but I hope to do a better job.