Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sneaking Out!

With the big girls in Elementary School and Molly in Preschool, I thought it would be an opportunity to sneak out and spend some one-on-one time with Braden.  We especially love to go out for ice cream. 

I try to make these events great bonding moments, but it is hard because his vocabulary is rather limited. 

"How's your ice cream?"


"Do you want to share?  Is it my turn?"


He is all about sharing these days, especially if it is something I am expected to share.  He'll walk up to me, treat in hand, and demand "You gotta share!"


Even though Molly and Braden are 2 1/2 years apart, I still get asked if they are twins!  They are the same size and the same weight.  Some days they fight -- a lot! -- and some days they are the best of friends.  I really love my days with these little two!  When it is warm they play on the deck, going round and round in circles, trying to catch up with one another.  I love the sound of their laughter!

St. Patrick Day Success

This year for Saint Patrick's Day, we went downtown to the Gateway Mall for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade!  We also had the opportunity to watch my niece dance.

Following the dancers, they opened up a cake walk for little ones.  Even though Braden was still technically 2, he still jumped on stage, watched others, and did well!  He stomped on his clovers and made sure he landed on one when the music was turned off. 

Success!  Since he was one of the last on stage, he was able to pick out a delicious cupcake.  Such a successful morning!

All About Me!

In the second grade all of the students have an opportunity to fill out an "All About Me" poster.  They are able to go into their class, talk about their favorite things, and then a few students are able to pay them compliments -- the kids provide examples of why they are good friends and good leaders in the classroom.

Macey shared her love of Macaroni & Cheese, favorite pizza topping (cheese), favorite color (hot pink and black) favorite tv show (Sophia the First).  It's a great time for the students!

Oh, The Sweet Torment

Our little Max gets car sick in the van.  By the time we reach our destination, even if it is just a mile away, he is a slobbery, pukey mess.  But sometimes we make him make the journey anyway because I hope that he will learn that great things can come from taking a fun ride in the car!

A little ways from the house, up behind the temple, is Daybreak Lake.  There are bike paths, playgrounds, and, oh yes, ducks.  The kids love to feed the ducks bread and Max likes to watch them. . .and dream of being off leash.  I am not sure what he would do if I allowed him to catch one, but methinks he might have an idea or two!