Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Friend Party!

Molly turned five.  I promised her that she could have a friend party when she turned five.  That is such an easy promise to make in the glory of spring when her birthday was months and months away.  But then her birthday came. . . Yes, I remember, I promised. . .Ugh!

We had ten little friends come over.  We had a fish theme because boys and girls were invited, and I wanted to send each kid home with a goldfish.  But Garry talked me out of the idea.  I still think it would have been AWESOME!

Garry did most of the work.  After coaching little, little kids for so long, he knows how to corral them and talk to them.  I seem to only know how to yell at them.

Two hours later, we all survived and so did the house!  Molly had a wonderful time! Success!

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