Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Could Watch This All Day. . .

I could watch Braden eat all day.  Especially desserts.  Face down, fully committed, he dives into each and every frosting covered item with gusto.

After so many girls, it is interesting to have Braden.  He likes to eat.  It's not a chore for him.  There are no threats, no begging, no bribery for just taking one more bite.  He eats.  And he's usually satisfied by whatever we place in front of him.

Boys are awesome!

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cemarcano said...

Ahhhh. I remember those days. Gavin used to be like that. And then. . . someone warned me it would slow down. It did. And now it's a chore. (Except for desserts! He'll eat those alllll day long.) I'm told he'll get over this and his appetite will return again. Still patiently waiting for that.