Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Love You, For Sentimental Reasons. . .

Last week we went to Seven Peaks, a local water park, twice.  On one day I took just the two little ones while Emma & Macey were in school but on Saturday we took the whole family.

There are two Seven Peaks to choose from: one close in Salt Lake County and the other a little further away in Provo.

I always choose the one in Provo.  When I graduated from high school, I had just a few days to report to BYU and start college with a few summer courses.  The day before I moved into Snow Hall (which has since been torn down, to let you know how old I am ;) my best friend and I went to Seven Peaks. 

It was such a wonderful time.  I had such great hopes and plans for my life while at BYU.  I think I thought that I would pull into the parking lot of Snow Hall and there would be a nice boy walking by (so not rational -- I was on the very edge of campus) and he would see me struggle with my boxes and help me move in and we would get married four months later.

It didn't happen, but it would make a great book.

I love being at Seven Peaks.  I can tap into those excited and hopeful feelings and tell my kids how Mommy went there a long, long time ago. 

And I love how it wipes my kids out.  They are second generation fans!

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