Friday, August 2, 2013

I Was "Pic of The Day". . .I Think

My cousin, Scott, has a great blog that he maintains daily at

In each he will also share a "Pic Of The Day".  I have often teased that I wanted to be immortalized as a "Pic Of The Day" and promised severe cuteness at the family reunion so we would HAVE to be picked. 

Sadly by the time we caught up with him at the reunion, we were looking pretty ragged.  But, due to his fabulous photo skills you cannot really tell that we had not seen a shower in 24 hours or that Emma had an ear infection or that Braden had gotten smores all over his shirt.  (His shirt, by the way, was simply classic Gymboree Cuteness.  It said "Happy Camper".  Love it.  Could there be a better shirt for a family reunion?)

Thanks for including us, Scott.

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