Friday, August 2, 2013

Knight Family Reunion!

This year we had the big Knight Family reunion which included all members of the George Richard Knight family -- my great grandfather.

So we put Max into Doggy Day Care (Camp Bow Wow ;) and off we went to Idaho!  We stopped by my parent's home, and the kids helped my Dad mow the lawn.

We then went up to our cabin in Island Park and walked to the reservoir.  Garry got the kids all walking sticks and taught Emma how to skip rocks in the water.

Off we go to the cabin!  They had a great time looking around but bedtime was harsh!  It was hot and Braden was in an unfamiliar location.  Garry said when he went to sleep around 10 it was too hot.  When he woke up around 3 it was too cold.  Somewhere in that time frame it was just right -- too bad he was asleep and missed it!

The next morning we took the kids to Victor, Idaho where we went on a guided trail ride.  It was the first time the girls have been on a horse that was not led in a circle ;)  They did great!  We went on some crazy terrain for over an hour and a half and they were perfect.  I, on the other hand, dropped my cell phone and so the whole ride had to halt for a few minutes.  I felt really stupid about my rookie mistake, especially since I was not the rookie!

 After the trail ride, we met up with my family for lunch and then set up camp at the Teton Canyon campground.  It was beautiful!  And quiet.  And REMOTE.  It was down a dirt road four miles.  Garry bought a new tent for the occasion but somehow we did not get a picture.

After we set up camp, we headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The kids went on the Alpine Slide.  Molly went with Garry and yahooo'd all the way down.

Emma got stuck behind a slow girl and complained LOUDLY at the end of the ride and so the whole extended family, 10 riders, got to go again for free.  Uncle Brett was very proud of Emma in that moment.

The next day was the official reunion and my Dad was able to spend a good amount of time with his cousins and brother.  We manage to stay in touch with our Knight cousins pretty well throughout the year and so there were not any "Gasp!  It's SO GOOD to see you" moments.  Facebook has kind of ruined that.  There were threats to not tag photos after a long evening camping ;)  I guess that's what happens when Facebook and family reunions collide!

We went back to Idaho Falls and had our traditional trip to Reed's Dairy and then off to play in the hotel pool.  It was a great trip!

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