Tuesday, August 6, 2013

School is Cool! Well, Now It Is

This year we were in Idaho when we heard rumblings on Facebook that the school lists had been posted.  I heard from a friend which class Emma was in.  But we did not know what would happen to Macey.  So when we got back Sunday afternoon Garry went to the school, four days before school started, to find her class list.

When I saw it, my stomach dropped.  She was in a class without a single best friend.  I emailed her teacher and expressed my concern.  Macey gets anxious about things: rain storms, Monopoly games, episodes of Sophia the First.  I knew that this was not going to go well.

But we talked about it.  About making friends in a new class and maybe even better friends!  Off to school she went.  I prayed and prayed that she would have a good first day of Second Grade.  But then I got the phone call.

Macey had thrown up.  She needed to come home.

I met with the Assistant Principal as well as the Principal and explained my anger that she was transferred into a class without a single good friend.  They consulted the school counselor, and she agreed with me, and we were able to transfer Macey into a class with her friends.

The second day of school was so much better!  School was cool!

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Grammy T said...

Thank goodness, I wouldn't want Macey to be unhappy!