Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's Go To Hawaii!

For our 10th Anniversary, Garry & I decided to head off to Hawaii!  Okay, Garry decided.  I was really cheering for Cabo because I have not been there, but I was overruled.  Garry's Dad was great and provided us with a week at the Marriott Vacation Club: Ko Olina.  We just had to fly ourselves out there and find someone to watch the kids.

We are in love with Ko Olina.  They had private lagoons and pools and . . .sigh.  It was heaven.

While there we stayed very busy.  We went on a lot of hikes around the island.  We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Temple.  We visited a Budhist temple on the north shore and also stopped in to BYU Hawaii.  We also spent an evening in Waikiki.  But I still got a lot of pool time in.

Garry spent a morning snorkeling.  Since the current was so strong, there were two rescues made from our part of the beach in just a little over 60 minutes.  So I kept my feet firmly and safely in the sand.

I love how Hawaii is still warm in the evening.  The sun goes down but the temperatures only fall 10 degrees -- not 40 like Utah!  I also loved being back in the humidity.  I did not have to do my hair for an entire week.

While we enjoyed the time away, we did miss the kids.  Six days is a long time to be away when they are so little.  I am grateful my niece came and stayed with them.  Staying with family in their own house made all the difference for my little kids.  We want to go back SOON but we will bring them with us.  I know they would have loved everything.

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