Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trying Something New!

This year Emma tried something new: indoor soccer!  It was great for her to get some exercise in the winter.  Especially this winter when the cold did not let up until, well, May?  She was on two different teams and was able to get a lot of play time.  Her main team, coached by a neighbor, always seemed to play kids that were two to three years older.  They got creamed.  But their coach seemed to think that it would make them a better team. . .eventually.  I had my doubts.  Something happens to you when you lose and lose and lose.  You forget that winning was ever an option.

Which is why it was good Emma was on a second team because they played younger kids and Emma remembered that she knew how to score!  It was good for her confidence.

Indoor soccer in gaining in popularity here because two new facilities opened up in the area.  One is massive, near the Interstate, and the other is smaller, located in Riverton.  I believe that these facilities will help indoor soccer gain in popularity, more kids will sign up, and the leagues will be formed so they can play kids their own age.  Hopefully it will not be so lopsided in the years to come.

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Hygge Man said...

You're quite the soccer mom! Good for you. But just don't turn into one of "those" soccer moms... ;)