Thursday, June 6, 2013

Macey Turns Seven!

One of the things I forgot to blog about in my long blog absence was Macey's birthday.

I talk with neighborhood friends about parents who have "favorites" and we all agree that it is wrong and hurtful to single out a "favorite" child.  But we also agree that there are kids we understand better.  For me, that is Macey.  I understand her a little more than the other kids.  Emma and Garry have always been such close buddies -- I just felt when I had Macey that I finally had a buddy, too.

And what a buddy!  She is so smart and kind and beautiful.  Her teachers love her and she has a lot of friends.  She is so smart that everything comes really easily for her.  I worry that this may be a great harm to her later in life.  When things get tough, she seems to give up easily.  There have been tears in Chinese class and many many tears on the piano bench.  I hope that she will find the strength to never, ever quit trying for the things that are worth pursuing for then she will truly be great.

I love you, Macey!

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