Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Only Requirement: Stuffed Animal

Molly is an interesting sleeper.  Every night Garry goes through the charade of reading a book to Molly and tucking her in, just to have to jump right back out of bed and then continue to do whatever she wants.  Often she plays in her room.  In the morning it will look like a tornado hit.  When she is done playing, she will crawl back into bed and tuck herself in.  

For a few days, though, she altered from this course and snuck downstairs -- a complete no, no -- and we found her asleep on the stairs.  How she did this, or why, we will never understand.  It looks like the only thing she needed was a stuffed animal.


Kiersten Isom said...

She is so cute!
btw, I found Dallin asleep on the top of his dresser once...

LeeAnn said...

That is just to funny!