Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spelling Bee!

One of the most stressful things we did this year was the Spelling Bee!  Macey is a gifted reader and speller.  She has no problem tackling big words and remembering how to spell them.  We were confident that she would do well in her class spelling bee.  In fact, we would have been shocked if she had not won.

But, Emma.  Emma is really smart but she has to work a lot harder than Macey.  She did not win the spelling bee in her class the year before, and we thought the other kids might win again.  But we practiced and practiced.  We played games where they got pennies for every word right or M&Ms.  I liked the M&Ms one because I could sneak a couple as well.

Macey's spelling bee was first.  And she won.  That put so much more pressure on Emma.  Smart little sisters just stink.  So imagine how excited (and relieved!) we were when Emma actually won!  Her teacher knew how much she wanted to win and how hard she had studied and so she actually sent us an email during her lunch break.

Class spelling bees were over. . .time to tackle the school!  The girls did well!  They made it to the third round where kids started dropping like flies.  We know a little more now on how to prepare them and have great hopes for next year as well!

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