Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She Has A Point

Emma is a wonderful four year old. Truly, a fabulous girl. So I do not know why I torture this poor soul to be a little better, but I do. Lately Garry and I have really been working with her on listening and obeying the first time. In fact, sometimes I will go as far as to sing the Primary Song "Quickly I'll Obey" I know, I know, wouldn't you hate to have me as a Mom? Could there be anything more annoying?

But, Emma has started to use my own words against me. The other day Macey was not listening to Emma and so she broke out into song "When my sister calls me, quickly I obey. I try to do just what is right. Each and every day."

I had to laugh. Um, Emma, those are NOT the words -- but good try!

Then yesterday I was helping Molly get settled in her chair when Emma wanted help putting on a shirt. "Mom, help me with my shirt" she called. I ignored her. "MOM," she called. I ignored her. "MOM!! HELP ME WITH MY SHIRT" she yelled.

"Emma!" I finally answered. "I heard you!"

"Well," she said, "you need to listen and obey the first time."

The girl has a point.


Jana said...

Smart one! Billy is telling me all the time how I need to listen to him. :)

Sylvia said...

It's a sad day when our own words come back to haunt us :)
Plus a sign that they must be listening...Emma is so cute.

Kiersten said...

I love it...and I can relate!