Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun Times At The National Arboretum

On Saturday Garry spent the morning at the Temple and then was a ref for a few flag football games. So the girls and I headed out to the National Arboretum! I used to go here with a coworker when I worked in the Senate. It's a 400+ acre park with special collections and gardens and groves. Very pretty. There is so much to see but we only fed the fish at the Visitor's Center, went to the Herb Garden, saw the Columns, and went the the State Tree Grove.
Molly with the map.

Emma with some weeds in the Herb Garden.

The National Arboretum is also home to the original columns from the Capitol Building. They've been here since 1990.

Emma at the columns.

Molly at the columns. Trying hard to be a good sport.

Emma and Macey in front of the flowers at the Visitor's Center.


The GruCru said...

looks like somewhere else that we need to add to our "to do" list

Tina said...

Looks like a great to visit . . . you sure do keep busy!! Good for you!

Melissa said...

Molly with the map looks like she might be concerned that you were going the wrong way. "No, Mom, I really think the herb garden is this way."