Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Fun!

Today we took the girls and went with some good friends to the Gilbert Run Park. It was a beautiful day, and the kids had a great time playing at the park, riding in paddle boats, feeding ducks and trying to catch fish. Perfect day!

Paddling in the paddle boat. Garry hates these things because they do a number on his knees. Macey stayed on shore with me and Molly.
It took her a few hours, but Macey finally worked up enough courage to go out on the water. She's sitting in the middle, being all brave.


Meg said...

It seems like you guys live in a fun place...with lots of great things to do always!!

The GruCru said...

what a fun day

LeeAnn said...

Hey, I think that AMcey is now qualified to go white water rafting with us!