Friday, May 15, 2009

A Week Of Music

This week has been a week full of music! First, I got my fabulous IPOD NANO for Mother's Day. Working out is so much more fun when it's done with Sting. Too bad you cannot dance on the treadmill. And you really can't. I tried.

I rediscovered some of my old favorite songs -- like this Billie Myers song. Part of my angry 90s.

This week I also had a competition with my piano students called "Beat The Teacher". They had a week to practice more than I did and, if they did, they will have a chance on the night of the recital to draw out of a hat full of $1 and one $10. So far three students have Beat the Teacher! But that also means that this week I have been practicing some old favorites. I had forgotten how much I loved Chopin. He died when he was 39. Oh, what he could have done with a few more decades!

It's been fabulous having music back the last few days!


Tina said...

What a great idea!!!

LeeAnn said...

That's some pretty mild "angry" music! If you need some new angry music I can get you a good hook up with some band names from Spencer.