Saturday, May 9, 2009

Indian Head Rail Trail!

This morning I took the girls on the Indian Head Rail Trail while Garry was a referree for a few flag football games. Since we were without Garry, we were without a camera. Sorry, no pictures!

I loved the trail! It's nice and flat which means that Emma can ride her bike on it (she's scared of hills as her braking is only so-so). It is still a great secret in Southern Maryland and so the trail is generally vacant. Trees line both sides of the trail making it just beautiful!

Here are some hints for those families who might want to give it a try.

(1) Go to the bathroom before you leave! No bathrooms along the trail!

(2) Stay on the trail! The grass is really tall in several places and I saw a HUGE snake. Okay, to me he was huge. He was probably just normal size to those not scared to death of snakes. I am pleased that when I yelled: "Snake! Girls! Run!" they listened and bolted straight ahead. Thank heavens I do not have boys that would want to (a) explore further or (b) try to kill it or (c) ask if they could bring it home!

(3) Check your kids for tics! I found one on Macey's back about an hour after we left. Yuck.

(4) Take your allergy meds before you leave. Grass, trees and pollen! Oh my!

Hope to see you soon on the trail!

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Tina said...

no bathrooms, a tic, a snake and allergies and your still recommending it!!! It must be awesome! ;)