Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come On! Cry A Little!

On Monday Emma & Macey "graduated" from preschool. For the graduation, they sang a few songs and then received a beautiful certificate. I expected the teachers and their high school students who have taught the kids this year to be a little emotional and to cry as they watched my Emma and Macey walk out the door for the last time this year. They didn't. I think I was the most weepy -- crying over the thought of finding ways to entertain all my girls this summer!

Big extra credit points to Garry for being one of the few Dads to take the afternoon off to watch his girls sing "What A Wonderful World." Emma sang her heart out for her Dad.
Macey accepting her certificate. She's crazy excited.

Emma graduating and holding her certificate.
Yep, they matched. Too cute.


Sylvia said...

They were all so cute :)
I got the pool and grill all invitation all summer.

Kiersten said...

Emma did sing her heart was so cute!
And I loved the matching outfits, even Molly matched!

The GruCru said...

I took a quick video and you can really hear Emma-love it

Stephanie said...

At least your kid didn't take the stage out!