Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life Gets Better. I Promise.

Alicia and Molly are doing great--for the most part. Both are still tired. Both are ready to come home--especially Molly. We had hoped that today would be the day that both Alicia and Molly were discharged from the hospital. However, little Molly has jaundice. If you remember in my post yesterday, I said that Molly is the sweetest little girl....rarely cries. Well, life is already testing that assertion. The docs decided to put her under some lights to get rid of the jaundice so that she...and Momma could go home. They stripped her down to her diaper, put this harness like structure on her head to shield her eyes from the lights, and she is forced to lay there (not swaddled or comforted) and soak up some light rays. She's doing her best to be a trooper, but she is frustrated at not being able to be held, swaddled, and just left alone to sleep in peace. I've already given Molly several fatherly pep talks to let her know that life gets better than her current state of being naked and blind lying under some strange color lights.

But, we are hopeful that tomorrow (Monday) will be the day when the Cunningham gals get to come home. Keep your fingers crossed.
She looks better (less yellow) today, but still doesn't have that tan that you would expect after hours of soaking up some rays. :)

Emma and Macey got to visit Momma and Molly again yesterday. I think that Alicia was a little caught off guard or surprised that Emma and Macey rushed into the room, right past Alicia with only a cursory "hi momma", and straight to the baby.

We're on our way to the hospital right now to see Alicia and Molly but we're a little apprehensive about how the girls will respond to seeing their new baby sister under those strange looking lights.


Tina said...

You are a great blogger Garry! Best wishes to all! It is a special time of life to have a new arrival come home. NEAT!

On The Go Family said...

Congrats from Matt & crew in Ohio.

LeeAnn said...

The girls look so sweet with their new baby sister! Hope Molly does a good job soaking up those rays so she and Alicia can come home soon!