Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Memories & Conflicting Hormones

I have been so focused on friday, Friday, FRIDAY that I have to stop and really think about the fact that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! No, Garry is not cooking one gloriously large meal for me because it will be my last good meal for awhile (the joy of c-sections and hospital food) but because it's Thanksgiving!

I am glad that I have something to focus on or else I would be in quite a funk. My family has all gathered in Utah for a few days of chaos, fun, and, oh yeah, food. Today will be spent with cousins running all over my sister's house and my sisters making a million trips to the grocery store because something will be needed or something was forgotten.

It will be crazy and joyful -- all at once. Sometime tonight they'll settle down for a movie night that will begin way too late because my oldest sister is a night-owl and half of the audience will be asleep within 30 minutes. A few people may decide to not watch the movie and opt for a game of PIT. Man, I am fabulous at that game. Good thing I am not there this year -- it gives someone else a chance to realize victory.

I am jealous of the great gathering going on. Part of "nesting" I guess is this overwhelming feeling of needing to gather everyone together and just hunker down. Unfortunately, Garry is feeling the exact opposite. Knowing that we may not be venturing out much in the next little bit, he is taking lots of little trips out and about. He would take more but a few times the girls have absolutely refused to budge from the house. They are clearly getting hunkering. I am one step away from disabling the battery on his Jeep. Why can't he just hunker? Maybe, just maybe, men do not have the hunker down hormone?


LeeAnn said...

So true, men don't hunker nor do they have the find it gene. Poor creatures. ANd PIT!! I love PIT! I see a PIT Party in the future!

Kiersten said...

I have some of the same feelings...Knowing that family will be gathering together, makes me wish we lived closer to them.