Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I used to make decisions quite quickly. I usually knew what I wanted and just worked for it, sometimes got it, sometimes did not, and life just continually moved on. Did you agonize over colleges? I only applied to one. Agonize over majors? I liked two, and so I just double majored. Law schools? Alright, that decision I think took a whole two maybe three weeks.

And then I met Garry. Garry makes decisions very slowly. He can ponder on the merits of a new pair of pants for a very long time. His buying remorse is sometimes so high that he will leave the tags on a new item of clothes and consider it some more as it hangs in the closet.

So consider the fun that we are having in the selection of a van. When we first started talking about getting a van, we talked about getting one in October. But, I paid off my Jeep awhile ago, and so it is hard to consider reentering the realm of car payments. So now our timeline has been pushed back. And back. And back as the reality of car payments becomes more real. But, there ain't nothin' more real than three kids sharing one back seat when at least two of them still need helping buckling up.

And there are so many questions to consider. Do we get a new one or a used one? My father taught me to always buy used, but Garry thinks that vans, by their very function, get trashed. So he's leaning heavily toward new but feeling the pain of the sticker shock.

What about types? We have at least really narrowed it down to the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey. The Honda has some fun features on its top model. Seat warmers. Dual climate control. A funky camera thing for when you back up. The DVD player. So much fun! But for so much money.

Now if I was crazy single and could just make the decision myself, it would probably be this: Honda, used, fun features -- gotta get those seat warmers. But if I was crazy single I would not need a van. Or dual climate control. So therein lies the irony of it all.


Tina said...

decisions, decisions! I guess since you are posting you don't mind our opinions . . . at least I hope not . . . I'd go used (the sticker is just TOO high for new and really, think about it, most families have 1.2 kids anyway, how much abuse could it have taken?), and can't believe I'm saying this, but yes, I'd buy foreign (those cars just last longer!), Honda or Toyota . . . Hey, you'll be driving it the most anyway, get what you want! My 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

With the way the economy is you might be able to get a great deal. Just shop around. The internet is great for doing that. We love our Honda. It's the first car that Bill has really felt good about buying. No buyer's remorse.

On The Go Family said...

We love our Honda Odyssey as well. We got all the bells and whistles ... but on a used 2004 model (purchased two years ago). I can't say enough good things about the DVD player! Or the bench seat that folds into the floor. It's so easy -- even I can do it by myself.

Oh, and about the buyer's remorse? Matt is the EXACT same way! Maybe they started that habit back when they were roommates?

Melissa said...

HONDA!!!! I have driven both, but I only own one. You don't need the top model. One step down is what we have and I would buy it again and again, despite the high monthly payment. It must have been designed by a woman. Don't tell Garry that, but do tell him that his ole buddy B-man loves him some HONDA.

Sylvia said...

Tell Garry he can take all the time he wants...but your sweet little baby girl can't, so decide already.

LeeAnn said...

You sure you wouldn't like to consider a nice Ford Windstar? I happen to know a young couple in North Carolina who are selling theirs for a very reasonable price!