Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Would YOU Do?

When I shop at Safeway, which is not often, I do not use my club card, which was lost long ago, but rather I just enter my phone number. My phone number, which I have had for over four years, is still registered under someone else's name, and often the check-out people call me "Mrs. Swann". I smile, take my food, and head on out.

I think that the Swann's are still around and shopping at Safeway because if you spend a certain amount of money at Safeway on food, you get a discount on gas at the gas station -- 3 cents to 10 cents, depending on how much is spent. So sometimes I can tell that they are around and shopping.

Yesterday, I stopped by the Safeway gas station, and the machine informed me that Mr. Swann was entitled to a 50 cent per gallon discount, and GAS WOULD JUST BE $2.01. When was the last time you filled up for $2.01?

I do not know what Mr. Swann did to qualify for a fifty cent per gallon discount, and I do not know how long it will last. The computer asked me if I wanted to use it. The Yes and No button stared back at me as I considered my options.

So, what would YOU have done?


Sylvia said...

Dang Alicia...this is a no win situation. I have a horribly guilty conscience so I'd hit no. And I'm pretty sure you did too :)

Tina said...

Said yes! You are the one using THAT phone number. I have been "Ms. Bailey" for about 10 years now, at Safeway. It's my phone number and my discount I'm figuring!

Sylvia said...

Tina is trying to take you down the slippery slope with I'm pretty sure she'd hit NO.
From now on, all refer to Tina as Sister Bailey.

Lisa said...

Take it.

LeeAnn said...

Hmmmm....Tina makes perfect sense to me. How can the Schwanns be using your phone number? How can 2different Safeway cards be tied to the same number? Sounds like a Safeway issue to me! Okay, I would have used it and then the next time I went to Safeway I would see about getting the name changed on my card! And perhaps you earned that credit all by yourself and just didn't even realize it!