Monday, November 17, 2008

Nothing Hurts Worse Than A Fake Boo-Boo

Theoretically, my shower time should be my quiet time. But somehow, it rarely works out as the girls find any excuse to come into the bathroom and especially get into my makeup bag and do their "lips" -- a process of applying and applying and applying chapstick until they look like something from Wringling Brothers.

Today, Emma's excuse was a boo-boo on her big toe. Apparently, while I was in the shower, a big wind came up and hurt my 4 year old's toe. How a big wind reached her, well, she could not explain, all she knew was that she needed a band-aid. Now.

Fine. I got out the Dora bandaids, wrapped it around the big toe, and watched her march off. I knew exactly where she was going. To show off her band aid to her Dora-obsessed little sister. I started counting the seconds. Sure enough, there was a knock on the bathroom door and Macey said it was "her turn".

I looked at her while she processed her mistake.

"Mama, owee on my leg."

Much better.

Macey hiked up her pajamas and started looking for a boo-boo. Luckily for her, she falls down 20 times a day -- the irony of naming her Macey Grace since she has none. Quickly, she found a bruise, and asked for a band-aid.

I understand that nothing hurts worse than a week-old-bruise, so I quickly handed one over. She said it felt better.

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Sylvia said...

The only time Peyton ever wants a bandaid is on a fake boo boo too...never on an actual cut or scrape.
Eight years later and I haveas of yet to have an uninterrupted day I hope.