Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I Did

I took the discount and gleefully filled up my Jeep. 18 gallons for $36. I was so proud of getting gas for $2.01 that I called my parents because they ALWAYS appreciate a good bargain. But when I explained the situation to my father, he paused before he said, "Well, that wasn't quite honest, was it."

I'm over 30, but despite the age, you always hate to disappoint your Dad.

And I have to admit, that whole day I kept checking my caller ID to make sure that Mr. Swann did not call and yell at me for taking his discount, if it was a one-time thing. After all, he clearly knows the phone number!!


Sylvia said...

Well...I am surprised Alicia :)
I have half a mind to make my husband call you posing as Mr. Swann, lucky for you ge is out of town.

The Cunningham's said...

Haha I think that's classic! I would do the same thing :)

On The Go Family said...

I think you probably earned that rebate yourself after all those times of punching in your phone number! It's funny ... whenever we visit VA and shop at Safeway, we always punch in my parents' number and I think: "Oh, they're one step closer to getting a free (whatever)."

This is Trish, by the way, (Matt's wife) and I just started following your blog. I think it's great!