Monday, November 24, 2008

The Contenders: Something New To Vote For!

So here's the background for my latest, and greatest, dilemma. Both Emma and Macey came home from the hospital in cute little dresses; Emma had a pink and white little cotton number and Macey had a cute little yellow sundress with a white sweater. Very cute.

But for Number Three, Garry and I picked out a sporting little sweater number. It's very cute and warm and soft, but . . . should I keep with the dress tradition? I bought one, just in case. So, cast your vote!

Slight disclaimer: no matter how the vote comes in, Garry probably will get the final say. So, justify your vote and maybe you can persuade him!


Melissa said...

"Dad! Why did Emma and Macey get to come home from the hospital in dresses, but you made me wear a sweater and pants? Did you want me to be a boy? You ruined my life!" Thirteen years from now as she looks through baby pictures of herself and her sisters.

Sylvia said...

This is just like voting for the vote doesn't count and yet you are persuaded to do it.
So...I'll just say dress even though my vote would probably be for the other..only because it will be cold out :)

Grammy said...

I vote the dress..the other outfit is cute, but she's a little girl, and the other outfit can be worn later! But that's just me, maybe because after four boys I like dresses!

Jessica said...


Tina said...

dress! you gotta think of all those "1st" pictures you are going to be taking!