Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting A Test Run

Yesterday I made a Thanksgiving test run: subject matter: pumpkin pies. The recipe that I chose was okay but there were problems with the crust. I needed deep dish crusts to accomodate all of the mix. So now I know. Thanksgiving should go great.

Apparently my body decided that it needed a baby test-run as well. At 7:30, I was having some contractions and had a lot of back pain. At 9:30 I gave in and called the doctor. There was a problem. MY doctor was not on call. Instead, some other man was on call, and while I am sure he is very nice, I was really cautious about having someone I did not know decide whether or not to do the c-section early. So when he told me to go to the hospital, I laid down and convinced myself that if I could just remain calm the contractions would stop.

And they did slow down. So I called the doctor again and told him I was not coming. No sir, no way. He said that if I was having contractions, I needed to come in. So I promptly ignored him and tried to go to sleep.

I finally gave up around 11:30 and went into the hospital. By then, I was having contractions every minute. But, since I am just at 36 weeks, they gave me some fluids, some antibiotics (this was all caused by an infection) and a muscle relaxer to make the contractions stop.

So, here's what I learned from my test run:

When they say "just a little pinch" they mean hold on because this is going to hurt like #$&*!
There is nothing relaxing about a "muscle relaxer".
I need to bring in my own blanket for the real deal.
I need to bring in warm cozy socks for the real deal.

So now, in a few days, we'll really be ready!


Sylvia said...

Practice makes perfect :) in pie making as well as baby delivery. Now you are prepared to be great at both.

Kiersten said...

I always hated my "false alarm" trips to the hospital.
But I agree...for the real deal a nice pair of socks can make a big difference :)