Friday, November 14, 2008

Losing My Award

So today I was removed from the competition for "Mother of the Year." I think that I can apply again in a few years, but for now, I am definitely kicked out of the running.

Here's what happened.

Three days ago Macey started getting sick. She had a really runny nose and would tell me that she had "bubbles" in her nose. It was kind of cute. I started giving her Benadryl and when she had a fever I started giving her Motrin.

Wednesday evening she started wheezing. Badly. Like you could hear her from the next room badly. She got a bath and the moisture helped move things around, the wheezing stopped, but she was still breathing really fast and really hard. I wanted to listen to her breathing and so I crawled into her bunkbed for about two hours, and I noticed that she was taking two or three breaths for every one of mine, even when she was in a deep sleep.

Thursday I called the doctor. Not for Macey. Oh, no. Emma still needed two shots for her vaccinations, but they were out during her well visit and so I called to see if they had them back in stock in the office. They did, but they were running out, and so could I bring her this afternoon? Sure. I took her right after school.

While I was holding and comforting Emma, the nurse looked at Macey, saw how pale she was and how she was breathing heavily, and started running tests. All on her own. I didn't say anything, because, well, Macey just had a cold, right?

So one breathing treatment and two prescriptions later, Macey is feeling better. But I feel horrible. Apparently "wheezing" demands an immediate call to the doctor. Who knew? Okay, you probably did. How can a doctor make you feel so stupid for calling (It's probably a cold. Give it a few days) and so stupid for not calling (She's sick. Really sick. Why didn't you call earlier?)

Anyone else also out of the running?


Tina said...

I never knew what to do, it seems when I'd take my kids to the doctor it would just be a virus, and the doctor would send me home with a pat on the back. When I'd decide it was just a virus, I'd find out later that they had walking pneumonia or something and should have been on medicine . . . it's hard to call sometimes!!!!

Kiersten said...

You can't win with this one. I rarely take my kids to the doctor. I sure wasn't mother of the year with Isaac's first broken leg though. I made him wait 2 1/2 days before I took him in. I made him try to walk on it. Finally I realized something was really wrong and sure enough it was...I felt horrible!

Sylvia said...

I never take the kids in for anything either...I think a Tylenol Chew tab can cure anything. Better than one of those moms who knows the pediatricians number by heart, I've known a few...scary!

LeeAnn said...

Seriously, what is a mother to do? Just like Tina said, if you take then in it is nothing, if you don't it's pneumonia, bronchitis, or some other dreadful sickness.

dunowland said...

I have been out of the running for mother of the year since Billy was 1 and got stitches and then again when he was two and got another set of stitches. Not to mention Baden's broken collarbone (not my fault, but still I am the mom). You just can't win. I am glad that Macey is feeling better.

On The Go Family said...

After all the ear infections Blue had last winter, I DO know the pediatrician's number by heart now. (And I so never wanted to be one of "those" moms.) I think he had eight infections in as many months. Thank heavens for tubes, finally.

At the kid's 12-month, 15-month and 18-month appointments, the dr asked: "Did you know he has a severe double ear infection?" Nope ... didn't have a clue.

I think I was out of the running a LONG time ago.

Sarah said...

What's up girl? I love reading your blog. So if you had contractions at 36 weeks and you are having a scheduled c-section and you're practicing pie making, just when are you having this baby? Because 38 weeks hits right before Thanksgiving? Are you going to be baking your first day back? Good luck with everything! I wish I was there to be all nosy about your birth. Your girls are so adorable!

Sarah said...

PS. I just noticed your little countdown thingy. Sorry, I guess you'll be consuming pie up until your midnight no more food time eh?!