Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pep Talks & Domestic Bliss

When I was pregnant with Emma and then really shortly later with Macey, I started a tradition with my sister known simply as "The Pep Talk". About a week before I was due, I would call her, tell her I just did not want to be pregnant anymore, and she would tell me all the reasons why this baby could stay put, at least for a few more days. Some of the top reasons:

(1) the crying: there's no crying right now. Except from my 4 and 2 year old, of course. Which is enough. For now.

(2) one word: latching. Two words: latching problems. Back to one word: Similac.

(3) the smells: No, not from the baby. Babies are great smelling. Smells from the momma from not getting enough time in the shower, enough days of the week, and from the leaking. And that's all I will say about that. My sister goes into more detail and gets me laughing so hard that I. . . never mind.

(4) Engorgement: Only women read this blog, right? I actually do not mind this stage. I am naturally a size "Barely A" and so it's a nice change for a while. But a friend of mine is larger to begin with and THEN when she has a baby -- well, she just calls it the porn star stage.

(5) SLEEP: everyone tells me to sleep now, but I have been struggling so much with pregnancy insomnia, it will be nice to actually have some company. But usually this one applies.

I love this pep talk, it keeps me going for several more days. I am not in so much of a rush to get this baby out. Especially now that I am in domestic bliss. That's right, WE BOUGHT THE VAN. And it has seat warmers. Life does not get better than this.

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Kiersten said...

I remember feeling that way too at the end of each pregnancy. It's nice that you have someone to give you the pep talk.
Oh, and congrats on van!