Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Prayer Payment

A few months ago, actually, now over a year, I tried to color my own hair. On my own. Blond. It came out an orange rainbow. Bless Stephanie's heart, she tried to help me fix it, but the damage was too great. I had to go to a professional, confess my crime, and ask for help.

In "fixing" it, I had to pick out my natural hair color, and I picked incorrectly. I ended up with somthing a few shades lighter than my actual color, and for a for months now I have obviously been very two-tone.

But, the baby is coming, and relatives are coming, and pictures are coming, so I decided to fix it.

One of my piano student's moms recommended a friend that she goes to church with. She does hair late at night or on weekends, perfect for my schedule, and she truly listens to what you want and does a good job.

Here's the catch.

She does not charge a fixed fee. She considers what she does a talent from God, intended to bless the lives of others, especially women. So she asks that you pray about how much you should pay, and simply pay that amount.

I have to admit, this stressed me out. As you can tell from previous posts, I fret enough over tips let alone THE WHOLE THING?!?!

What if I gave her too litte? She would curse the day I ever walked into her home and she wasted her time on my too-dry-too-damaged-two-tone hair.

What if I gave her too much? Than I would be out of some hard-earned cash. And really, no one wants that.

The color is a little darker than I would prefer, but it's even. No rainbows. She did a good job, and I had her undivided attention on my hair for 2 1/2 hours. She even blow-dryed it straight, something that I love. And the theme of this blog: don't mock it 'til you try it because while I was getting my hair blow-dryed, I knew exactly how much I should pay. And, since I am really cheap (truly, Garry, I am. I promise.) it was actually more than I had planned on. Luckily for her, God is not crazy frugal. (Truly Garry, I am.)


Tina said...

Too funny, and can't wait to see your hair!

Melissa said...

This will sound bad coming from someone who puts almost zero pictures of herself on her own blog, but when you blog about your appearance, you are required to include a picture. I hope you look fabulous.

Heidi said...

That's kind of a great idea! I bet it makes HER feel less guilty about what she should charge - and my guess is she makes a lot more money because she doesn't know what the outcome will be and just focuses on service. Maybe everyone should do it this way!

Garry said...

I wish that I could find a car dealer or home builder that operated under the same "pray for what you should pay" policy.

Sylvia said...

I wonder if this line of thinking would fly at say Target...I might give it a try just for fun! Mine not theirs.
WWJP...what would Jesus pay?

LeeAnn said...

Love the hair! It looks great!