Friday, November 7, 2008

The Problem With Women

Many of you know that in my previous life (life before kids) I was very involved in politics. I started interning when I was a Senior in High School, and I interned for a congressman, a senator (the DISTINGUISHED Larry Craig), and a political party. Finally, I came to Washington and worked in the Senate for a few years.

So, those who know me well may be surprised that I have not penned a single political blog in this election season. Well, wait no longer, because here it is:

I do not understand women. I look at the way that the African American community has embraced Obama, and I keep waiting for a leader of the same Community to decide that he is not "black enough" because his mother was "white" and he was raised by his "white" extended family and went to some really "white" schools. But no one has, they have fully embraced him and see his victory as their own.

So what is wrong with women? Why do I really dislike Hillary Clinton? Why did so many women turn against Sarah Palin? There was a poll in Newsweek that said that more men than women liked Sarah Palin. And they attributed it to jealousy: she's pretty, she's successful, she's balancing family and career. We must hate her. Why do we turn with such venom on our own?

The day after the election, a reporter was talking about the excitement of having the next President of the United States be someone that looked like him. I only hope that one day I can say the same.


LeeAnn said...
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LeeAnn said...

(This is actually what I really said the first time. There were just some major punctuation errors-more so than may have survived this posting!)Good question! Is it really all about looks? Are we that vain? How sad if this is true! Perhaps we should not be able to see pictures of the candidates any more. Just hear their voices. Then maybe we would really listen to what if being said and not admiring the looks or color of the skin.

Tina said...

Love your post Alicia. . . these are mysterious times!