Monday, November 3, 2008

The End Of An Era

I've had a lot of bad haircuts in my life. I've gone to people that have not had much experience with curly hair and paid the price. One lady tried to "brush out" my hair before she washed it so that it would not get knots in it. Ever tried to "brush out" curly hair? POOF! I used to have long hair -- about 1/2 way down my back -- and one lady made me stand up during my haircut because it was just too long. Hmmmm.... That wasn't my favorite. I've had people give me guilt trips about my DRY, DRY hair. Well, it's curly. I challenge you to find someone with curly hair that isn't dry. But regardless, I've always tipped these people. Always. No matter what, I tip, because it's just the nice thing to do. Until today. Because today I discovered what is worse than getting a bad haircut -- watching your daughter get a bad haircut.

Poor Emma. She was so patient and tried so hard to sit still, like the lady yelled at her to do, but the end result is far from the princess-look I promised her when we walked in. With tears in my eyes, sniffles in my nose, I paid the lady what was due and not a cent more.

Is that horrible?


Kiersten said...

No that's not horrible...I don't know if I would have paid at all. Most places have a satisfaction guarantee.

Tina said...

You shouldn't even of paid THAT! You really don't have to pay if it is that bad!

Hey, on the dry curly hair issue . . . read the book Curly Girl . . . or have I already suggested it to you? probably! and who am I to talk . . . straightening my hair everyday.

Grammy said...

Okay, you have to give me the name of this person, and when I come up I will stop by and let her know what she did to my Princess...but I'm sure she still looks like a Princess!

LeeAnn said...

Love grammy's comment!! You go grammy!!