Monday, November 10, 2008

What Version Are YOU Watching?

Emma and Macey are on a Princess kick. They love all of the Disney videos with Princesses and enjoy the Barbie series as well. I am loving this phase. The girlier, the better.

The girls have three dress-up outfits: Belle, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. These dresses come on and off several times a day. They are a favorite play-thing.

But lately, Emma has been inventing "rules" about the proper wearing of these dresses.

Here's the rule: you have to be completely naked to put on a Princess dress. Really. Completely. Naked.

We try to keep the blinds down and closed just in case Emma strips down, AGAIN, and we have tried to find out the root of this phase. Garry asked why she took off EVERYTHING before putting on her Princess outfit, and she informed him quite authoritatively that Snow White doesn't wear panties.

What? What? Where did she get this? Of course Snow White wears panties. EVERYONE wears panties!

But since Garry has been travelling a lot lately, he did have to wonder exactly what version of Snow White I was watching with the girls while he was gone.

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