Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I Learned In Five Hours

Yesterday was a good day! Though Garry left for Colorado, I was still productive and got some stuff done. And I learned some stuff, to boot!

Sweet, sweet charity: On Thursday, November 13th I am having a baby shower for Heather L. from church. Members of the ward reading this, save the date! Garry and I were worried about hosting it at our townhouse because parking gets sparse at night. He suggested that I call another member of our church and ask them to host. They have a lot more room and parking would not be an issue. So I called, and not only did she agree to let us have it at her home, she asked if she could make the cake! I was floored. When people ask me to do something, my mind starts turning as I try to figure out a way to get out of it, not ask for more! So I have decided to try to turn a new leaf and be more like this woman. Not sure how, but maybe the desire will help me on the path.

Close the Door! After her bath, Emma wanted to wear her three princesses nightgown. It's a light nightgown, intended for summer, and it was cold last night. I told her she had to wear something under it. So I put on some fluffy pajamas and put her princess nightgown on top. Okay, it looked silly, but she was warm and had her favorite nightgown on. Really, two birds, on stone.

She looked at herself, and her face just fell. "I do not look good," she said. She's never said that before and so at first I laughed! But then I realized that she really meant it and was really worried about it. I wanted to know who taught my daughter to think that she was anything other than beautiful and perfect. And I realized -- it was me! How many times on Sunday do I go through five outfits looking for something that I feel "good" in and shout down the stairs at Garry that no, I am not ready because nothing fits? Nothing looks good!

As the Mom of little girls, I need to learn to close the door before I express concern over my appearance or voice any low self-esteem comments. Hopefully I can convince her again that she's great -- no matter what she's wearing!


Grammy said...

You can tell her no matter what she wears she looks good, because she is a beautiful Princess!

Tina said...

thanks for your comment on my blog . . . . you were probably thankful for kidney stones!!

Kiersten said...

Oh my goodness...I can totally relate to that, the first time I heard one of my kids say that they "couldn't do anything right" or that they were "stupid" ...all things that they were hearing from me, I have tried to be better about not saying those things...maybe all I need to do is shut the door :)