Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Dance, Continued

So many great things have happened in the last few days, it's time for a Happy Dance!

Doctor Visits: I am down to three, count them, THREE doctors visits. I have one on Halloween and two in November. Wahoo!! Happy Dance!

Great Deal! Today I went to Ross and found five onesies for $10. That's right, two dollars each! I found some other great bargains but since I have not broken the news to Garry yet, I've got to keep those treasures on the down low. But I got a great deal. Happy Dance!

Wow! What Service! This morning I took the girls to Borders to look at books and drink a yummy hot chocolate. The Cocoa Trio at Borders is a work of art. You get the hot chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and white chocolate shavings topped off by a chunk of pure chocolate. Yum! When the barista saw that the girls and I were sharing a large, she brought us two extra chocolate chunks. What service! Happy Dance!

Bliss At The Park: I took the girls to Bensville Park this afternoon, and we were the only ones there. Bliss. They could throw rocks, play in the dirt, hog the tunnel, and it did not matter. We had the parks to ourselves and I did not have to worry about other kids or even worse -- other Moms! Happy Dance!

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Kiersten said...

Sounds like a great day!