Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Great Tradition: Before and After

When Garry goes out of town for a business trip, it's my tradition to remodel something really fast. If he doesn't like it (and he hates that I do this), well, he can try to not take so many trips, especially when I am crazy pregnant and just a little crazy hormonally, to boot. So yesterday I tackled the bathroom. This is a picture of the old carpets.

This is the master bathroom countertop. Not what it looks like on a daily basis -- I cleaned up before I took the pictures.

I added a new carpet from Bed Bath & Beyond. I got a pretty good deal using my coupon. I like the browns and the blues and the creams.

I used a coupon from Michaels to add this centerpiece to the counter. It's a clear vase with sticks. I hope that the sticks make your eyes go up and the bathroom does not seem so cramped. I do not understand this whole "stick" fashion thing going on right now. I just know that my sister has them in her living room and so they must be really cool and trendy. Making my bathroom really cool and trendy.
Stay tuned for more improvements coming today!


Sylvia said...

I have a tendancy to do this when Chris is gone too :)
Don't really get the stick thing either but it looks good, as does the rug. Sure Garry will like it or like most husbands not even notice until you say something.

Tina said...

Ooooo very nice!

Kiersten said...

Nice...I really like the rug.