Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Mistakes

Yesterday Sylvia blogged about her pursuit for the costume that her daughter wanted. I think that it's great that she is involved in finding a perfect costume and getting it early, to boot! And I know that the Isoms probably start planning their Halloween costumes on November 1st. They always look so cute!

I can only remember a few of my costumes growing up, I wish I could remember more. And since I was child #7, you know that there are NO PICTURES. I remember one year I was superwoman. I had a costume from KMART that felt like, well, a costume from KMART. The mask was hard to wear and the cape wasn't really classy.

One year I remember my friends and I were "punks". We got all creative and sprayed our hair with different colors and pulled our hair into side pony tails. I am not sure if the side ponytails were part of the costume or just the fashion of the day. We went trick-or-treating in the back of Jennifer's dads truck, singing Tiffany songs. Ah, Tiffany.

One year I took one of my sister's homecoming dresses and went as Scarlett O'Hara.

During my angry teen year, I was "black and white". I wore black and white. I am not sure what statement I was making besides "I am lazy and want some candy."

Maybe it is for the best that there are no pictures in existence.

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Sylvia said...

I think we all have those costumes we'd like to forget.
I think my worst might have been a is that for politically incorrect? Although I do remember the punk rocker too :)