Thursday, October 2, 2008

She's Taking Names!

Emma's birthday is on Saturday. She has been waiting for this day since. . .well,. . .since this time last year. She has already gotten cards from family, and she keeps them in a little pile on the kitchen table.

Today during lunch she showed me all of her cards. She had one from great-grandma and grandpa, from grandma and grandpa, from Aunt Meg & Uncle Jeremy and even from her bank. She told me where each card was from and I said, "Yes, Emma, look at all of these people that love you and want to say Happy Birthday to you."

"Yes, they love me" she said, "but what about Cousin Kaylee and Cousin Trey?"

I had to laugh. "I'm sure their cards will come soon," I told her.

Man, she's only four and already she's taking names. I would ask in confusion where oh where she gets this from, but unfortunately I know EXACTLY where she gets this.

1 comment:

Sylvia said...

I love that Emma is keeping a list of those who have wronged her...I am a big fan of that as well :)
You are SO cute Emma!!!
Oh...Happy early Birthday!