Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Night Terrors

When I am pregnant, I have night terrors. They go a little something like this. I'll be dreaming and then all of the sudden I will feel that (a) the ceiling fan is going to crash down on my head; (b) a mysterious book shelf that is not nor has ever been in the bedroom is going to fall down on my head; (c) someone is in the room, getting ready to attack me; (d) someone is on the bed and is going to bounce onto my stomach.

So of course I wake up, screaming. Really, who wouldn't? And sometimes I start yelling that someone is in the room, someone is in the room. But usually I calm down after a few seconds.

The puzzling thing is Garry's reaction. Upon learning that it is just another night terror, he usually gets a little mad about the unnecessary screaming. Go figure. And last night after he put the bat back under the bed he told me that I should find someplace else to sleep and have these night terrors. I think that he was kidding. Can't we just consider these little episodes drills? How fast can you grab for a bat and call 9-1-1??

I really think that he should offer to rub my back or feet to help lull me back into a peaceful sleep. Or at least offer to make me a little cocoa. With marshmellows. Lots of marshmellows. After all, he's already awake. . .


Garry said...

Those panic nightmares that Alicia has are not so innocent. I'm usually in a deep sleep and suddenly have someone yelling in my ear, "what's that, someone's in the room." Not a way that anyone would want to wake up. My heart rate goes from a nice restful rate to racing in 1.5 seconds.

I've already told Alicia that one of these nightmare episodes are going to cause me a heart attack. I'll die halfway out of bed, grabbing my bat.

Tina said...

how awful for both of you! I get nightmares during pregnancy also, but nothing like you are having . . . mine were only dreams, not terrible waking experiences. I'd wake up disturbed but not screaming . . . poor baby . . . :(