Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little Readjusting

October 1 is a big day for me. It's the day that I accept that summer is gone, fall is here, and I make the necessary changes. I switch out the girls' clothes, switch our bedding, bring out the Halloween decorations and suddenly! hello fall!

But this year, something happened. October 1 came and went, and shorts were still in my girls' dresser drawers, my white coverlet was still on my bed and the Halloween decorations sat buried in the back of the garage. Really, truly, three piles deep buried.

And so went October 2nd. And 3rd. And 4th. The days passed and my stress level went up. I'm behind! I'm behind! So I decided that since this was a self-imposed deadline, it could be self-moved. Instead of everything being done on October 1, I thought that getting things done by the first week of October would be just fine.

So it's October 7th. The Halloween decorations are out. The girls have sweaters in their closet. My white coverlet that has received so much blog time has been washed and put away ('til we meet again, my little beauty) and a beige down comforter has taken it's place. And it's only October 7th. Man, I am on top of things!


Tina said...

My children would love you! What they wouldn't give for a little Halloween decor!

Sylvia said...

October 1st is always my goal for Halloween decorations too...and this is the first year I actually got it up on time.
You are too busy...get some much needed rest while you still can...