Thursday, October 23, 2008

May I Suggest A Trade?

Today while Emma was at school, Macey and I went to Toys R Us to buy a present for Macey which I will now be required to hide from Garry for the next few weeks. We had a great time at the store. She was able to look at the toys at her speed and we did not have to chase Emma around. Remind me to blog about the time that Emma test-rode a bicycle OUT OF TOYS R US and around the parking lot without telling anyone of her big plan.

While we were in the check out line, I saw the saddest thing: a woman with her son, probably almost two, buying him a doll. That's right. A baby doll. A little boy doll with litte blue clothes but a doll nonetheless. She told the cashier how much she loved the doll because you could fill it with water and make it all soft and squishy and huggable. And every two year old boy loves squishy huggable dolls.

Once they had paid for said item, she held it up to her son, saying, "Look honey, do you want to hold it now?" He looked a little scared and a little terror-stricken and did not reach for his new baby doll.

I thought of my girls and my girl on the way and thought that the nice thing to do was to offer this lady a trade. But I love my girls too much.

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Tina said...

Okay, Okay, I'm reaching for reasons this lady would buy her boy a doll. . . . Hmmmmmmm, maybe she's going to have a new baby and she wants her son to role play with her???????? Boys do play with dolls you know . . . they just look manly, GI Joe, etc. they call them action figures though . . . hmmmmmmm