Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That Cannot Be Normal, Right?

My father once told me that when I am feeling well, I can take on anything. I am a strong person, strong personality, strong will. Most days, I can take on the world. But when I am sick or really really pregnant, the fact that the ice cream machine at McDonald's is down is enough to drive me to tears. Today has been a teary day.

VANS: I knew I was in trouble this morning when I saw a van drive down the street and the thought of how much easier life would be with automatic doors made my eyes mist up. If I allowed myself to dwell on dual climate control and seat warmers, the mist may have developed into a full-fledged sob fest. Hmmm...that's not quite normal.

CAMCORDER WOES: Serious woes. To connect my camcorder to my computer in order to burn a DVD, I need a DV Port. Well, my laptop doesn't have a DV Port. And my camcorder refuses to acknowledge a USB Cable. I have talked to Best Buy, Toshiba support and Sony support twice. The Toshiba guy was floored by my question and WENT ONTO GOOGLE to see if Google could help. For the love, that cannot be normal, can it? I have about ten little camcorder tapes I am desperate to transfer to a DVD before I have another baby and we record more useless video tapes. Any experts out there that can help?

BETRAYED BY A FAITHFUL FRIEND: So when life get down, it's time to eat, right? And if you want to eat a lot and cheaply, hey, it's time to run for the border. So while Emma was in school, Macey and I headed for Taco Bell. Wallowing in my bean burrito, I bit into, into, into a piece of plastic. A five inch long, one inch wide piece of plastic. I think that what happened is that while someone was grating cheese, maybe some of the plastic around the cheese got grated in? Okay, I am being stupid, there is no way that Taco Bell employees grate cheese. I need to accept the fact that the plastic was from somone's gloves and it ended up in my mouth. Now, that cannot be normal, right?

CREDIT CARD WOOPS! I got a letter from my bank essentially saying that some information had been exposed and so for my safety I would be receiving a new credit card and a new credit card number. It came last week and to make sure that the transfer between old and new card went smoothly, I called Wachovia to ensure that the old card was cancelled before I tore it up and the new card was activated. I was assured that everything was "a-go" and so I cut up the old card and put the new one in my wallet. A few minutes later, Wachovia called me back and said that their next caller called in to report a stolen card, and numbers got mixed up and well, they have accidentally cancelled and reported stolen my new card. Now, I am so glad that they called before I actually USED it, but still, that cannot be normal, right?

The scary thing is. . .this day still has about seven hours left. . .


Tina said...

Wow, you just like put five GREAT posts all into one! I wish my mind were that fertile . . . .

Keep your chin up!

Sylvia said...

Since all this happened in one day, you should be incident free for at least a week or so....at least that is my hope for you :)
You should spend the afternoon with Peyton and I, nothing unusual EVER happens to us.

Stephanie said...

I hate days like that! Next time you console yourself with Taco Bell, I'll come, but we have to go to the one by my house. It has been incident free and my order is always right. : ) It feels like forever since we've gotten together. We need to do it soon.