Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

Yesterday my oldest turned four. She had a great weekend with a small get-together at Chuck E. Cheese's and then on her birthday she went to Red Robin and Kings Dominion. It was all bliss in the life of a four year old.
Emma is an amazing little girl, and she was an amazing baby. Before she was born, we heard that babies could not see very well and were amazed by how alert Emma was. When she was born, she was ready to get to know this new place. She took everything in with excitement and joy, and she still does.
We love you, Emma!


Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday Emma!
Sounds like you had a great birthday :)

Grammy said...

Four years have gone by so fast, and she gets more beautiful every year - how does that happen, when she was born she was the MOST beautiful? Can't wait til she gets a little older and Grammy can bring her to Florida for some one-on-one time!