Monday, October 20, 2008

Emma Goes To School!

Emma went to school today! Unlike last year, where she went for a whopping two hours and thirty minutes, this time she only attends school for two hours. Apparently it was too short of a day because she yelled at me when we got in the Jeep for picking her up while she was playing "I Spy." So tomorrow I will do my best and try to linger in the parking lot so she can be one of the last kids picked up. Such a change from last year when I was greeted with hugs and kisses and excitement to go home!


Kiersten said...

Well at least she wasn't running and screaming from the place, right!

Grammy said...

She didn't get that from our side of the family - her Uncle Anthony cried every day when being dropped off at pre-school, and her Cousin Kaylee also cries every day. Hopefully, that means she is going to love school?

Stephanie said...

What a cute outfit for her first day!